Theater Performer

Theater Performer

Headline Theater Performer, Performing For Over 1 Million Viewers

The Ultimate Show

Guy Bavli’s Master of the Mind offers you everything you’d expect in a headlining show that has been witnessed by over one million people on stages worldwide–humor, danger, romance, and suspense coupled with state-of-the-art audiovisuals.  His world-famous telekinetic and psychic entertainer abilities will captivate audiences from all ages and walks of life. They will be left aching from laughing and asking for more, long after the final curtain call. His performance is powerful and personal.


The Bavli Experience


On top of headlining over 1200 shows at Caeser’s Palace in Las Vegas, Guy Bavli has performed at the world’s most famous locations like Carnegie Hall, the Opera House in Frankfurt, Ateneo de Caracas in Venezuela, and Atlapa in Panama. He has also done performances at the most prestigious performing art centers across America.

Get the full Bavli experience by booking him to perform live on your stage and watching him bend metal with his mind, stop his heart at will, and make eerily accurate predictions while engaging your audience in amazements and laughter.

Guy Performs At:


Performing Arts Centers.

Cater to your eclectic audience with Bavli’s sophisticated yet thrilling performance. Bring critically acclaimed drama, comedy, and clever humor to your stage all at once with Guy Bavli – Master of the Mind.


Add a sense of wonder and magic to your gambling establishment and draw crowds from all over. A funny yet sophisticated show that will fit your brand of entertainment with Guy Bavli.

Bavli also offers numerous publicity stunts to create buzz around your casino.